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2022 Programming

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Congratulations to all of the University High School R.I.S.E. Mentoring Program students. This is the very first cohort of the R.I.S.E. Mentoring program, completing their inaugural year. Next year they will be mentored again but the will also take on the role of mentor, helping new University High School students navigate the difficult transition from middle to high school.


MentorVerse Conversations began as a way to continue the essential discourse of community-building during COVID-19. They have outlasted social distancing and remain a fundamental part of bonding and learning with local partners. June 2022's conversation featured a Breakfast and a Special Conversation about Creating and Sustaining Mentoring Initiatives for Black and Brown Boys. This is a conversation for men creating, growing and managing mentoring programs for Black and Brown young men. Thank you to all of our participants and to Kai Campbell and his team at The Yard in Military Park, Newark.

Rao's invited their West Side High School mentees to a morning of mentoring, learning and incredible food at their Montclair, New Jersey headquarters . Student-mentees learned more about RAO's brand and participated in the preparation of a fabulous lunch using RAO's products.


In July our MentorVerse Conversation featured Tish Johnson-Jones, Executive Director GreenLight Fund-Greater Newark discussed the GreenLight Funds plans in Greater Newark with our local mentoring partners. Thank you again to Kai Campbell and the team at Burger Walla on Halsey Street (Newark) for hosting us and providing the food.

Thank you to our corporate mentoring partners Trillium and the owners and staff at Battleground Country Club in Manalapan Township for a GREAT day of golf and new experiences with Science Park High School. FORE!


Eagle Academy and the College Mentor Project partnered with Saint Elizabeth EOF Department for a powerful Senior Convocation.

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