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Create joy by enabling students to grow and reach their full potential, supported by a culture of mentoring.

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Create purpose-driven mentors through training and development of mentoring partner organizations.



Create opportunity with corporate, university, and community partners, by enabling new spaces and experiences for students to expand their horizons.

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March 2023: Newark, N.J.

Newark School of Data Science and Information Technology students are leading, along with Central High School students, the creation of the first mentoring Youth Advisory Council. Within this council the student leaders are working on projects to help the problems they see within their school.


With the mentoring and guidance from the GEM Project student mentors and staff, the YAC created the guide for mentoring advisory councils. Due to the successful completion of the guide, the students are now learning facilitation, presentation and the art and science of communication to lead other NBOE schools with the creation of their own YAC. Using the knowledge from the GEM Project, they are putting together what those meetings will look like so the school can achieve the same goal they did. CONGRATULATIONS!

Prudential Center

Getting the MENTOR Newark swag together at the HBCU classic @PRU. Over 400+ mentees and mentors were in the building!

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West Side HS

Student mentees attending the HBCU Classic at PRU with other mentees and mentors from West Side.

Newark Vocational HS

Mentee and mentor celebrating their match at a school wide mentoring party!


Data Science HS

Student mentees advocating for mentoring funding in Washington D.C.