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The 10th Annual Charity Golf Outing

September 19, 2022

"Unwinding from the thrill of our event yesterday, I’m left with feelings of pride and astonishment. By now you’ve likely gone back to your typical daily schedule, and I’d like to invite you to join me in a moment of awe. Yesterday, at the gorgeous Bayonne Golf Club, we brought together 120 people, from 65 companies and organizations, with countless diverse experiences. On our event’s 10th Anniversary, we’re reminded to look back where we started, with gratitude for the entire journey to where we are now. This event was unlike any other, and we could not be more happy that you were a part of it. 


As I said during the morning program, you are an important part of our resilient banyan tree by virtue of participating in our outing. If you already feel nostalgia for yesterday creeping in, why wait to experience the magic of MENTOR Newark again? We’re here with open arms to receive you as a mentor, donor or an extension of our story. Let’s chat. I cannot thank you enough for your teamwork, generosity, and good spirits.  


As our founder, Senator Cory Booker said in his remarks yesterday, 'I am because we are.'"

-Thomas Owens, Executive Director, MENTOR Newark

on The 10th Annual Charity Golf Outing

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